single but not lonely
By Azubuike Chibueze Okechukwu

About this book

ABOUT THE BOOK Single-hood is not a curse but only a state. It is not synonymous to loneliness as some people think. It is a state or rather a stage of preparation for the future that is ahead of you. It is very pertinent to note that life is all about a series of decisions and deductions. What you make of life is in your actions and inactions. The decision you make at this stage especially as it concerns who to marry can make you or mar you forever. Many women have had their wonderful dreams shattered and great ambitions gone into extinction because they did not marry correctly. The essence of this book is to encourage and make sure that every young lady marries right, with a view to reducing to a barest minimum the high rate of divorce within and outside the church which is on a daily increase. Consequently, my inspiration was drawn from the above predication to arouse the inner most consciousness of our ladies as regards marriage issues. God bless you (07033895225, 08143213900) Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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