twice as hot

About this book

Twice as hot is a collection of five stories. FIRSTLY (The pastor’s wife) ___________ Marrying a virgin is like buying a car without a test drive. Ijeoma was married to one. With their religious upbringing, how could she tell her husband that she wanted more than what he had given her? SECONDLY (The Devil wears Agbada) __________ Chidinma is a 200 level student of the university of portharcourt. When her roommate goes missing and no one is prepared to look for her, she embarks on a journey she might not easily come back from. It’s a path that puts her directly in the crosshairs of five powerful senators, and ultimately into the arms, and bed, of the very man who might have the answers; Senator Abdul. THIRDLY (Quite a catch) ___________ Edward Ikechukwu has a problem with sex. He’s addicted to his power over women, to the dominance, and the control. And he is also very good at using sex to avoid real connections and emotional vulnerability. Dr. Adaobi Okoro knows this because she’s the therapist treating him. FOURTLY (Stardom) _____________ Ugochi is famous, depressed, and struggling with the pressures of fame and her domineering manager. The tale of glamour in the spotlight and the struggle to find herself because she can’t cope with it all. FIFTH (The peace offering) ___________ Two princes must compete and earn princess Adaobi’s hand in marriage with a twist neither of them are happy with, least of all, Adaobi, who can’t find it in her to accept the developments her father forces upon her. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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