son of mfumu
By Milton J Davis

About this book

From the frigid steppes of Mongolia to the illustrious heart of the Songhay Empire, Changa has sailed the high seas and trekked across treacherous landscapes. He has battled men and monsters, the living and the dead, survived countless perils, acquired and lost fortunes, commanded armies and allied with demigods. All along he pursued profit and adventure for the sole purpose of quenching his thirst for vengeance in the blood of the ruthless sorcerer who killed his father. Now, Changa finds himself alone, bereft of his faithful companions and the resources he intended to finance an army to help him seize his vengeance. Changa's safari finally leads him back to his homeland, back to the place where it all began. And this safari is the most dangerous of all.... Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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