son of the king
By Valtoy B.

About this book

Will the son of the king be enthroned? If love truly exists, then why is it difficult to find? Would he be able to live with the mistakes and downfalls of the past? Will she be able to get married into the family? What is love? What does love feel like? Is it possible to fall in love and at the same time, chase your dreams? Is it a crime for a middle-class lady to fall in love with a young man from a high-class family and vice-versa? Does love really win all the time? SON OF THE KING takes you on a journey from a day of nothing to a generation of abundance. The ups and downs of life. It follows the story of a young doctor who found himself in London after losing his job and everything in his home country. Will he be able to survive and make it in a foreign land? True stories wrapped up in love and phantasy. This book is dedicated to you because you are wonderfully and fearfully made. Close your eyes and dream big. Wake up and work hard to fulfil the greatest of your heart desires. The stories in this book follow the lives of people who never gave up on reaching their goals.  Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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