songs of love a song for bola (preview copy)
By Rose Akpabio

About this book

Bola Makanjuola is call girl, what Nigerians know as "runs girl" ...she doesn't believe in love because her mother died from being rejected by her dad. Vega Oluwatosin is the first son of Chief Gbenga Oluwatosin, C.E.O of Olive groves Company....he is engaged to Carol Edoho but his father kicks against this union. One day, Bola gets fixed up with a client, who turns out to be Vega...she falls in love from the moment she sets her eyes on him but he pushes her away and ignores all her efforts to get closer to him... He doesn't believe a call girl can fall in love, he thinks she's only after his money. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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