soul stories
By Jasmyne K. Rogers

About this book

Soul Stories is a collection of poetry and short stories that explores, analyses, and highlights Black womanhood. This collection fosters a myriad of experiences that range from the significance of Black love, spirituality, activism, the power of music, our ancestors, and empowerment and progression in our community. Soul Stories includes “Soul Black,” a poem that pays homage to our ancestors and their powerful and revolutionary influences on my generation as we carry the torch and continue to fight for freedom. The collection also includes “In The Basement of a SOUL Child’s Mind,” an historical fictional story about a 1970's covert, nonviolent grassroots organisation in Alabama who courageously organise and fight against racial discrimination on a university campus. The soul stories included in this collection embody a collective experience that bridges Africa and the Diaspora by the power of soul-searching storytelling. These stories are gathered from the collective consciousness of people of African descent—recalling the richness of our history and truths that are necessary for healing, empowering, and liberating ourselves. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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