spice mix recipe
By Aminat Akinyemi

About this book

This eBook contains 8 tested and trusted spice mix recipes for cooking African and Intercontinental dishes. If you are interested in cooking with natural spices for health benefits while adding rich flavor and aroma to your food, then this eBook is your best plug. Asides the different spice mix recipes, it also contains a user guide on how to use the spice mix in your meals. Spice mix recipes included in the eBook are: 1. Curry 2. Jollof / Stew spice 3. Meat seasoning 4. Chicken seasoning 5. Local/African soup seasoning 6. Vegetable Stock Powder 7. Multipurpose spice 8. Ginger and Garlic powder 9. Yaji / Suya spice Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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