s.t.o.r.m.s: testimonies in disguise
By Dorcas O. Aboderin-Tijesu

About this book

The first thing Joseph experienced after God gave him that dream in the Bible: do you remember? *A parade was held in his honour? *He got 10 million followers on twitter? Uhnn? No! They threw him in a pit! However, God worked out that plan of the enemy to prepare him for a place in the Palace. Please listen: Every vision you receive needs a formation stage. At first sight, it obviously won’t appear pleasant, just like raw gold in fire; but trust the background work God is doing – Beauty is being formed out of ashes! Ever been in a situation that made you doubt God’s ability? Ever wondered how, though you’ve been faithful in doing God’s work, He still allowed certain trying situations come your way? I pray and believe that God would minister healing, grace, and His peace to you through this book. Answers to common questions about purpose, real life applications of faith, heart felt prayers you can exercise, and the testimonies shared by the author and a few survivors of an accident referred to in this book, are included here. Please read with an open heart. Receive, with grace and joy, all that the Holy Spirit has prepared for you, and be inspired to live totally for Christ. Get your copy, and in a relaxed and spiritually intense atmosphere, allow God work His transformation within your heart. God adores you deeply, and so do I! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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