strength of a woman
By Yas Niger

About this book

Laraba is a gorgeously shaped bossy girl in her early teens, with developed bodily curves beyond her tender age and a beautiful smile on an ugly face. Her nose is an extension of her forehead and her large ears are too visible from the front that they appear to be on her thin cheeks. She is the third child of four daughters, with a single brother belatedly bringing the rear of five siblings. Born on a Wednesday and unofficially named after the day she came into the world, like it is fashionable with Hausa speaking people. With her stunning figure and wise ways, she is a handful, riding on the immature silliness of her companions, who mainly fumbled around her in their naïve good natured mannerisms, terrified of what she represents to them as a friendly bully. Laraba's choices seemed neither less nor more than is required to concurrently free her feminine worries of their plight of emotional suppression. This is her story of overcoming this plight, represented in her case by her six year old brother, a man like all men. Like her sisters, she lost the urge to kneel and gaze into the mind of God and plead her case. It seemed rather odd to obtain some slack from the same deity that scripturally put them in their situation as eternal subordinates to men. This is a tale of juvenile delinquency with a mature outlook, as it captures the feel of this ruse. PLEASE RATE THIS BOOK Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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