strictly business
By Chia Ndika

About this book

A money laundering scandal has strangled Keside Okoye’s baby – K’Okoye Edge– a PR consulting firm. Drowning in legal fees, a now questionable reputation plus a dried up client list and possible bankruptcy, she would take any job she can now to tide her out of her situation. Enter Edem Ekanem. Edem Ekanem once shared a teen romance with Keside, brutally ended by her father. Separated for a good portion of their lives, he has come a long way from being her childhood steward’s nephew to a successful footballer in the Premier league. Edem offers her a lifeline and Keside is only too happy to be offered a second chance. But while she wants to focus on the business that pays her bills, Edem, who has spent too long searching for her, has other plans in mind. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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