sunset in sahara
By Tolulope Ajayi, Moses Aisida

About this book

There comes a time in the life of African youths where their lives can be likened to barren land, but of everything that is barren in their lives, there also remains a dominant aspect that is depressing likewise, and that is their environment. "How does the African environment affect the daily life of African youths?" You may ask, but it's not about the aesthetics or the diversity of fauna and flora in our ecosystems, it's simply about the years of constant subjugation of our minds, where brilliance and outspokenness is frowned upon to the extent that our minds become a desert, every form of curiosity and innovation slowly sucked out of our spirits by the “Status Quo”, whereby our lives become a “Tragicomedy” and we become rather hungry with “Love, Lust and Religion” This book isn’t a manual or a weapon it's simply a story synchronized with poems and musings which act as a guide pushing the young African minds who are lost in the desert of their minds, towards the oasis that is self-realization, and then we may ask ourselves at the end of the day, “Aren’t we gods, created in God’s image?”, while the sunset. “You are not alone” Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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