the 7 secrets in the conqueror's mind
By Tony Agbamu

About this book

Everyone -man or woman is created equal, before God; at least, at the point of conception or fertilization. Humans are born, naturally, to capture. However, not everyone has this special knowledge. That is to say that, in every man or woman, there-in lies a spirit of capture, but not all achievesof this special spirit; that innate gift that is given to all at birth. To live, to exist or to be alive is to be a capturer. You capture your dreams,your vision and the mission of your vision. It is the technique or the area of execution is where many fail. After you capture successfully there is another task ahead - it's called Conquering. Not everyone knows how to navigate through, sometimes,the murky waters of getting from your levelof capturing to the level of conquering. Many, often times, mistake capture for conquer. They confuse one for another. There lies the person's waterloo. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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