the art & business of fashion style and design
By Abisola Asabi

About this book

The Art & Business of Fashion, Style 'n' Design as authored by Abisola ASABI is a must have for every Fashion Desinger in Nigeria looking for better approach to designing and the business of fashion. Abisola ÀSÀBÍ is a fashion entrepreneur, she heads PBAOriginal, a foremost female apparel fashion brand in Lagos. She learnt fashion designing in 2013 at a regular training centre like most fashion enthusiasts, but had no real experience or say almost no delve into the real world of fashion designing, like every other person, she was taught the regulars, general knowledge, ideas etc all general no standards. "Although everything seemed great at first, but I knew I was made for more. I am an ardent believer in standard way of doing things, I love perfection and I want that to reflect in my designs. My vision was to have a fashion brand that can be patronised by lovers of African Inspired Apparels from all over the world, that cannot succeed with guess works and trials only. I needed a standard way of getting things done, from taking measurements, to designing, to cutting, to pattern making, to constructions to fit and finishing, even on the business of fashion itself etc. This was not provided for me while I trained. So I resorted to research, but what was out there in books, videos, online resources were absolutely complicated! It took me years to digest them but I did." Those were her words. If you were like Abisola, you do not need years to decipher all of this. In this book, she has put together in simple terms, step by step guide with pictorial and video explanations everything you need to know to get started on the right note in Fashion Designing. "With my 7 years of rigorous research, testing, perfecting, I have been able to formulate simple methods that can work universally on measurements and measurements manipulations, pattern making and manipulations into different designs, the fashion business, starting and scaling a ready to wear business on a budget etc. Such that if you completely study this book, you have invariably completed a 6 months-worthy-of-Certificate Course in Fashion Designing." She said. Hence, The Art & Business of Fashion, Style 'n' Design is that comprehensive and all encompassing Fashion Design Ebook for a typical (experienced) or upcoming (newbie) Nigerian Designer / Tailor in Nigeria or in the Diaspora. Whether you have years experience in Designing, or you have never been to a Fashion School, the book is absolutely perfect for anyone. For a fraction of the price, you can simply quit trying so hard to figure things out in designing and grab this ebook today to put an end to all guess works. If you are a Fashion Teacher, and you do not have a curriculum you are working with to train your students, or you simply want to have more than one curriculum, this is a perfect Teacher's Training Manual for you. Note: All Pattern Making Lessons are focused on Female Apparels only. Enjoy Studying. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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