the art of not giving a fuck and the attraction it brings - adult only (18+)
By Danny Walker

About this book

You probably have been wondering why the female game never worked for you, why you fear beauty and rejection. all that have been answered here... Did you know that 90% of men are vulnerable the moment a beautiful and sexy lady is in a room with him? Why do guys follow ladies who twerk on Instagram, spend data to watch ass shaking even though they can’t touch? Why do guys spend heavily on strip clubs just for a lady’s naked view? Who do guys reply a lady’s message faster? Why do guys favour ladies more? There are numerous questions to ask; a man is under the sisterhood lasso and until he is set free, he will continue to worship women and the more he worships women the more difficult it is to have them. This message is probably for you today; the female is a complex wired creature and there is a book that can change your life and turn things around for you. You will learn how to attract the best of women, the women of your dreams and more, you will learn how to enter a woman’s head and live rent free, she would anticipate your messages, kill your battery with missed calls. It’s a proven and certified book and will be taking you from single to women of your dreams; the power of pussy is finally broken in your life, you will now be able to take control of your life and women around it. This book is titled “The art of not giving a fuck and the attraction it brings ”, in this book are contents that can never be found anywhere else on he internet, contents like: Taming the virgin The sisterhood The Lustful mirage The sisterhood enemy Superpowers that attracts a woman Gravity 21 things a man must never forget in his life, etc... Samson was a disgrace to men of ole and men on this age, he was a man of incredible strength but lacked the powers that could break Delilah and make her loyal to his feet, he went too low by revealing the mystery of his powers to her and unfortunately for him she called in the bad boys (Philistines) and Samson went from Hero to Zero, became a slave to the Philistines, while Delilah was busy enjoying uncircumcised Philistine dicks Samson was busy being a slave... do not be like Samson, brother man! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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