the birth of eric kane and other untold stories
By Danny Walker

About this book

‘’We are under attack!’’ he shouted as he cocked his gun but was immediately gunned down by one of the terrorists, the others about to engage in gun firing but more terrorists come out the bushes and attack them with machete, Biola tried to open fire but couldn’t because he would be killing his men too, he looked to his left in the bushes to see the terrorists waste the two soldiers in the bush, only to look back on the road to see that all the soldiers have been killed with machetes. He was confused and scared, hands shaking; he managed to grab the machine gun and opened fire on the approaching terrorists and killing them. He suddenly hears the sound of glass breaking behind him, he turned to see stones coming from left and right of the bushes, he quickly ducks then grabs his AK47, the large rocks descended heavily, scattering the gun truck, the stone bust the heads of the men inside the truck as blood spills all over, Biola gets down the truck, he sees more terrorists coming at him, he knew he wouldn’t make it out there on foot so he moved to the truck door, opened it and pulled out the bloody body of the driver then gets in, he starts the truck then noticed the soldier he pulled out was still alive but couldn’t save him as the terrorists opened fire on him, Biola drives off, from the side mirror he could see them descend on the soldier with machete and stones. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he was scared than ever before, it was like his last days were here Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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