the blackmailer
By Chiedu Dieyi

About this book

Some people are just destined for trouble. No one fits more perfectly into this picture than Hinsley, who decides to have a fling with Sabrina, a hustling city gold-digger. She is one hell of a lady, smarter than the average Lagos girl, who knows all the ways to milk good money out of flirtatious men. Hinsley quickly finds himself in a jam after he assists her in making a homicide look like a suicide. But a spy has got a photograph of them in the act, and he now uses it to blackmail them. 10 million or a jail term, Hinsley and Sabrina are left to sort out the mess. With desperation tugging him to the edge of his sanity, Hinsley is compelled to take actions that will rattle your mind; but more intriguingly, Sabrina will take the reader’s breath away by what she turns out to become. Find out in this hot-paced page turning crime fiction. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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