the bottom of another tale
By Su’eddie Vershima Agema

About this book

The Bottom of another Tale is a rare blend of legends and maxims. Free flowing contemporary African tales suffused with native wisdom and riddles. The collection is quite a delight. Engaging, the tales are short, crisp and pregnant, with diverse messages. - Tubal Rabbi Cain, multiple award winning poet and author, Mystery in our stream and Dandaula and other African Tales. Dense thoughts, dense happenings, linkages and intertextuality; a writer’s attempt to tread the thin line between dreams and reality, The Bottom of another Tale is a daring attempt, an ingenious departure from the norm. - Maria Ajima, literary scholar and award winning author of The Survivors and Cycles. Agema’s stories are peopled by unforgiven men, gods and demons. They are delivered with a candour that reminds us of the brutality of reality and the arbitrariness of existence, bringing to fore Agema’s keen sense of observation as an emergent voice on Nigeria’s literary landscape. - Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Caine Prize 2013 Shortlist, award winning author of The Whispering Trees. These stories glow like burnished nuggets of gold. Su’eddie has a mastery of words and a gift for story telling that is uncanny in its uniqueness and inspiring in its application. To read his words is to escape to a world of verisimilitude, where culture, politics and societal nuances are revealed with subtle wisdom, endearing warmth and light spirited humour, not only as they are but as they should be. These stories are as thoroughly entertaining as they are viscerally enlightening. - Jude Idada, award winning playwright and author of Oduduwa: King of the Edos. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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