the british bride
By Ernest Tom

About this book

This book will make you weep and not laugh at the most populous BLACK commonwealth Nation in the world—NIGERIA. An internationally acclaimed political scientist Emeritus Professor, Ikenna Nzemiro, said: “The 1967 to 1970 Biafran Industrial Revolution was a revolution that did not succeed.” “Africa died in Biafra” but Africa can resurrect in Nigeria with a detribalized visionary Leader who will adopt the core values of this book. Within ten years Nigeria will join the First World and will rule the world in another ten years. THE BRITISH BRIDE RULES OF ENGLISH FOR SCHOOLS AND POLITICAL LEADERSHIP. SELF-HELP EDITION DESIGNED FOR READERS IMPROVEMENT ON SPOKEN AND WRITTEN ENGLISH WITHOUT A TEACHER. FOR CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS, GRADUATES, RECEPTIONISTS, SALES REPRESENTATIVES, TRADERS WHOSE ENGLISH NEED IMPROVEMENT. FOCUS ON EVENTS NEVER HEARD OF IN NIGERIAN POLITICS FROM 1960 UP TO DATE. HIGHLIGHTS OF MAJOR POLITICAL EVENTS FROM THE FIRST REPUBLIC TO THE FOURTH REPUBLIC IN NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA. NIGERIA’S DEMOCRATIC DIAMOND JUBILEE WITHOUT DEMOCRACY. A RELIGIOUS ENCOURAGEMENT TO COPE WITH THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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