the carrier
By _N_U_A_N_C_E_

About this book

Join me on the trail of a virus unknown to mankind. Difficult in terms of detection yet adroit in transmission. The virus ultimately meets its carrier and suddenly ignites chaos. Even though this has never happened before; But can the carrier also be the cure? *Never judge a book by its cover. CLICK TO FIND OUT ***************************** ~SNIPPET~ "Wow! Thank you. By the way, your form says it all" I roll my eyes, inviting my 'uninvited' guest inside my humble abode. "What a lovely house you've got here." she then turns to Xavier. "And lad too." he smiles innocently. "He is eleven, you know. Xavier, can you go to your room till I call for you?" I say "Okay, mum." he sarcastically replies. I roll my eyes 'again'. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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