the church
By Wisdom King

About this book

"Before a journalist died mysteriously in the middle of the night in St. Peter's Hospital, New York, she managed to pass a piece of paper to one of the nurses. In it contained the name of a church and the phone number of Kane Bamidele, a Nigerian ex-cop now turned PI. With a zeal to uncovering the cause of his friend's death, Bamidele inserts himself undercover as a member of the church where it all started. Soon he gets to discover a whole new depth of deception and secrets hidden within the tenets of this religious sect that is about to shake the very foundations of the most powerful nation on earth. Bamidele has his African traditional maternal instincts, training, and experience as a former cop. But will these be enough to intervene in the impending doom? Or will his life be next in line sacrificed for the will of "God"? This is a story of betrayal, secrets, religious fanaticism, and power tussle. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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