the criminality in christianity: the truth about tithe, firstfrui
By Joseph Ihesiaba

About this book

For a long time now, Christians have been under manipulation, deception and extortion by their church leaders through the instruments of tithe, firstfruits and seed faith. This book reveals the hidden truth about tithe, firstfruits offering and seed faith; and exposes the falsehoods and lies told by pastors in order to make merchandise of their congregation. The book reveals, with biblical proofs, what tithe really is, how it should be paid, who should pay it and its beneficiaries. The same applies to firstfruits. It also exposes the falsehood and dangers of the fraudulent and unbiblical seed faith doctrine. The book also presents indisputable proofs that justify the fact that tithe and firstfruits are not applicable in Christianity. Read this book objectively and you will discover the truth that has been hidden from you for a very long time. The book also presents you with the New Covenant giving principle, as well as the genuine and sincere way of giving to God and obtaining the ultimate reward. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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