the dance is you
By Shola Balogun

About this book

“In this thunder flower rain, These poems dance you.” The Dance is You is a rich collection with the ordered flow of original verses and inventive colourful vibrations. Inviting the reader into the elements – thunder, fire, rain, sun, jazz, juju, blues, reggae, and salsas- which represent the frameworks of this book of poems, the poet, Shola Balogun, presents dance as the autobiography of the soul, the expression of what we call life, and the encounter with the self. “The space of the dance and the mind of the dancer: this collection of poetry deftly brings both together to create an expanding universe of meaning.” -HYGINUS EKWUAZI, Professor/ Multiple award winning poet. “Shola Balogun’s feather-like poems generally float at the confluence of civilisations distant and close, past and present. But his ebullient eruptions of words also find their source in Africa. He dances his way into our souls along original cinematic visions, while his feet keep touching the down to earth realities of this world. The lines he choreographs from rainbows and tears, angst and joy, colourful sounds, between materiality and spirituality, create an entrancing poetic ballet. In the land of his poetry, no one can feel a stranger. His dance is ours. And when reading him, we become his poetry.” -BRIGITTE POIRSON, Professor/Poet/Author, and Member of Les Plumes Comtoises, France. Shola Balogun is a Nigerian poet, writer, playwright, and filmmaker. His credits include the International Journal of African Society, Cultures and Traditions (UK), Nicosia Beyond Barriers: Voices from a Divided City, The Invisible Bear, a Journal affiliated with Duke University’s English Department Graduate Poetry Working Group in Durham, North Carolina, The Tau: The Literary and Visual Art Journal of Lourdes University, Sylvania, Ohio, and several other literary journals, magazines, and anthologies. Balogun lives in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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