the day heaven slept
By Ikiemoye Iniamagha

About this book

Fafa Margaret Nutsukpo, Lecturer, Department of English Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Author of ‘Path of Destiny’ and ‘The Wayfarers’ was on point in her description of 'THE DAY HEAVEN SLEPT'. She said: ‘The mysterious pregnancy of Powei, in The Day Heaven Slept, launches the reader into the intriguing plot of a story that promises to hold readers spellbound from its very beginning to the end. With characters that are larger than life and dialogue that is as exciting as it is realistic, Ikiemoye Iniamagha, in this debut novel, digs deep into life in contemporary Nigeria, and with genuine wit, explores the intrigues and intricacies of relationships embroiled in a web of love, lust, lies and deceit in a tone that is honest, introspective and true.' Frankly, THE DAY HEAVEN SLEPT is a story that captures the interplay and intricacies of crime politics and power, relationship, love, lust, lies and deceit and their aftermath. It speaks powerfully to every individual in contemporary Africa and the world at large, who in one way or the other is caught in these webs. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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