the devil's playground
By Cynthia Ukamu

About this book

Zinny opened her eyes to a life without knowledge of who she was, how she had become pregnant and why she was being shipped by her family to live among those who wanted her dead. Now from an aspiring singer to a key witness in a high profile murder case, Zinny must go through the devil’s playground, keeping her sanity and courage intact and striving to come out of it all alive. **** Kamal Abdul loathes his father and the world he represents even though it is the only world he had always known and sought redemption from. Then Zinny comes into his life with the power to melt his darkness, but unfortunately she has motives of her own... Disillusioned, betrayed and heartbroken, he must once more save himself by saving her, even if it means playing to the devil’s tune. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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