the diary of a nigerian christian girl 1

About this book

Yemisi is in love with a young man, Wale, who showers attention on her but frowns at the subject of marriage. He has three qualities Yemisi desired- passion for the ministry, strong flow of the supernatural and a teeming crowd that follows his ministry. She convinces herself that Wale would someday come around and propose to her. Yemisi is unhappy because her spiritual parents disagree with her choice of a life partner . She is torn between obeying spiritual authority and pursuing the love of her life. In the process of trying to convince Wale to pop the question, a tragic event occurs that throws Yemisi into guilt and takes her down a completely different path. The diary of a Nigerian Christian Girl is the story of love, mentorship and alignment with divine plan. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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