the dietary solution to bad breath
By Kenneth Kageyoshi

About this book

While suffering from bad breath, I visited countless dentists and talked to different people. I engaged in what you might call over-brushing, scrubbing and picking and pulling and jamming and scrapping and scratching away at my chewers. Often twice a day. I did scaling and polishing regularly, picked my teeth after eating anything, and used special toothpastes. I bought and used various mouthwashes, chewed sugarless gums, and stayed away from beans, all to no avail. What you are about to read here was not compiled with the aid of Internet search engines or medical journals. This book discloses a new discovery. It is a discovery that took nearly two decades of observation. This is not a book to tell you, once again, to eat fruits and all your problems are solved. It does tell you a bit about fruits but it tells you much more. While fruits can combat bad breath, they may not bring full relief. Eliminating the fundamental causes of bad breath is what does. This book explains the causes of bad breath. It is not a technical or academic work. It is a practical guide for laypeople and anyone can read it, understand its content and apply them. The bad breath elimination approach outlined here will completely eradicate most cases of the problem. It is outlined in three stages - (i) oral hygiene, (ii) minor dietary changes, and (iii) major dietary changes. Most chronic cases of bad breath will need to go through all three. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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