the digital church : the ultimate guide for churches in this digi
By Prince Oluwatosin Odumosu

About this book

The pandemic has pressed the worlds big reset button. Better now than never, the Church, Ministries and Organizations must start digitalizing her operations using social media as a tool to effectively deliver her message, disciple souls & engage with her target audience. The Digital Church brings to light some of the core elements that lead to the efficacy and progress of the Church and ministries in the digital Era such as team building, Social media strategy, content creation and distribution channels. - Ways to building a media team - Tactics to growing the digital church - Step by step guilde to content creation and distribution - New strategies for ministry growth and much more! This book is strongly recommended for any church or organization looking to effectively use social media as a means of reaching the world with its message. This book is the ultimate Game plan. About The Author: Prince Oluwatosin Odumosu is a digital media 'preneur, Strategist and Christian Media Practitioner who loves using faith, creativity and technology for positive impact. Ceo/ Founder 247 Gospel Vibes (@247gvibes), a Christian media & entertainment company with focus on promoting Christian creatives and content creators. As member of the International Association of Christian Media Practitioners, a budding author and digital skills trainer, Prince Oluwatosin has addressed diver’s audience on digital branding, social media marketing and digital marketing for brands and nonprofit making organizations. He is also the founder of Dot Media Consulting, a digital marketing agency providing strategic digital solutions for businesses and building brands with global relevance. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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