the gospel of the kingdom

About this book

In April 2014, we traveled to Uganda and Kenya on a missionary trip. As I had opportunity to share with Pastors from these two nations, I became increasingly conscious of the need to put the Gospel message we are sharing within a proper framework that enables us to get a full picture of all that is in the mind of God. This handbook is an attempt to meet that need. The way it is revealed in scripture the Gospel journey is progressive. It goes from an appeal to people on individual basis to repent and seek peace with God on the basis of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind, to a warning to nations on the eternal consequences of rejecting God’s mercy. It reaches a climax in an outright proclamation of judgments and damnation on all creation that rebels against God. Thus we can distinguish three stages as: -          The Gospel of Salvation, -          The Gospel of the Kingdom, and -          The Everlasting Gospel. This book seeks to explore this progressive revelation of the Gospel message and helps us to separate things properly. It is written in simple language and is a useful tool for Pastors and leaders. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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