the irregular migrant: a story of perils, triumphs and karma
By Peterson Ojieson

About this book

The is a true story of a young African (the author) who had seemingly become disillusioned with the conditions and quality of life in his home country of Nigeria over twenty years ago, thus, resorting to self-help (through the deserts and seas of Africa) in his bid to migrate for greener pastures. Obviously lacking in the relevant requisites to obtain a visa and migrate legally, he had opted to travel by land through the deserts and seas of Africa, onwards Spain via Morocco. You'd be held spellbound as the author takes you along on his experiences in the course of this life-altering journey of yes/no return in a bare it all fashion, including the many perils, triumphs, and karma he was faced with. He'd also let you in on his life in Europe, and how he ended up in the shameless enterprise of cyber fraud a.k.a yahoo-yahoo. It is a huge exposé. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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