the journey to becoming a great student

About this book

The Journey to Becoming a Great Student is a young man’s story through the challenges and hurdles of his quest to be a better student of Life. He shares various challenges he encountered along the way and outlines important steps in overcoming them. The Journey to Becoming a Great Student is a must read for everyone still dreaming to get to a better place in life. New students trying to cope with the academic stress, trying to enjoy university life―while at the same time making good grades―will find this captivating, inspiring and educational. If you are also thinking of side-stepping your university, The Journey to Becoming a Great Student will definitely give you a re-think. This book is a subtle explanation of the importance of education, the challenges and how they can be addressed, the knowledge and power that can be attained as a result, and how the challenges can be harnessed into every area of your life moving forward. The Journey to Becoming a Great Student also contains inspirational lessons of life that will leave a positive impact in your life by helping you persevere through your personal tough times, inspiring and motivating you to never stop dreaming and to continue greasing those elbows toward achieving those dreams. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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