the kidnapping
By Oputuboye Krukrubo

About this book

THE KIDNAPPING is the story of a young woman's abduction in a fictional City [Pride City] in Nigeria. Her name is Beatrice. She is the first of two daughters of Chief Amadi--- a former militant now turned philanthropist. We quickly discover that Beatrice planned her own kidnapping in order to punish her father for the death of her mother. We're thrown into a world of intrigue and plot twists. Even her cohorts can't be trusted as the story unfolds. Things escalate when the ransom is paid. Her co-planners have schemes of their own which include her death. Beatrice barely escapes with her life. But the craziest twist of all comes when we discover that the real villain is yet to reveal...herself. It was Beatrice's younger sister, Cynthia who planned it all from the very beginning. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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