the manifestation of the sons
By David Emechete

About this book

This book was written to help Christians see who they really are. To see that they have transcend all that is earthly, they are beyond this flesh, beyond every situation that has ever faced man, beyond the mundane things of this world. That we might be awaken to the sons that we are, to our existence in eternity, and our procession to find expression in the world of mortals. That Christians might abandon their small thinking and begin to think like God, and to enter into God's eternal pursuit. This book takes you right into God's heart, His plan and how He would accomplish it, even through you. It teaches how to align yourself with the workings of God so that you can radiate His glory for all to see, and be marveled at His beauty and greatness. Come and learn how to enter into a fulfilled Christian life and bring glory to the Father. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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