the marital release
By Ocholi Okutepa

About this book

Since May to June, 2017 when these prayers were first released on Instagram, we have received many testimonies of divine connection, orchestration and marriages that testifiers confirm came as a result of praying right and having their faith released in the right direction. These prayers are designed first of all to make you pray rightly based on God’s word and to receive the result of your prayers. It also deals with fear, anxiety and all the negative emotions projected at you by the devil as far as the issue of getting married is concerned. As you take on these prayers, the power of the Lord will be released as has always been the case (That is the command with which we have released this material into your hands) and things will begin to shift in the Spirit. If there be any evil projected at you in the form of any curse or limitation, these prayer nuggets will both open your eyes through scriptures to liberty and the might of the Lord will crush them. Please set a dedicated time of the day that represents you most convenient time to dedicatedly do this. We suggest you spend a minimum of thirty (30) minutes on each day. If a fast helps you focus better, feel free to add a fast to the experience. I am excited you have joined these 15 days of marital release prayer. Prepare for marriage, there is a mighty release. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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