the miracle seed
By Blessing David

About this book

Have you ever had encounter with poverty? I mean the real poverty that never blink its eyelids nor relent its range while it devours or swallows its victim and prey? The kind of poverty that makes one to manage life in tears and weary just to survive? This type of depressing poverty, hardship and confusion need courageous heart and determined mind to resist its destructive influence and stings that present themselves as fate in disguise to the perfect will of God in one’s life. The question now is, could one bound with the shackles of poverty and cast down in the ocean of wretchedness resist the stings and pangs of poverty and wretchedness and still rise from a downtrodden and waste-bin status to a noble and reputed status against the ills of nature and illusion of fate? This fascinating story tells us that it is possible but with a price tag and the grace of God. Read on and Enjoy this masterpiece. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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