the nathanael effect-why we write-off people and why we shouldn't
By Rev. Fr. Kingsley Oru, FJS

About this book

In this book, The Nathanael Effect, the author describes biases in our perceptions of people, places, situations, etc., that arise from our own nature and nurture. He uses biblical examples to give the right touch of truth and spirituality to the text. Interestingly, however, he doesn’t stop at just describing our different biases, but goes on to discuss how these biases and prejudices affect us and people around us negatively. He then adds the icing on the cake, by providing us the tools and pills for attitudinal adjustments that would help us get over our biases and their attendant effects – whether we are the biased or the victim of the bias – to help us live out our full potentials and become complete and fulfilled human beings. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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