the other side of other rooms
By Wale Ayinla

About this book

The Other Side of Other Rooms is a beautiful experiment of narratives with personal, global and transcendental metaphors. It speaks to the human spirit about the tales of self and other. There is great hope for poetry. Femi Morgan Curator, Artmosphere Nigeria and author of Renegade. The poet captures life’s rhythms very aptly. Reading The Other Side of Other Rooms is like being on a journey through life and its dynamism. Tobi Israel Essayist and Life Coach, London, UK. The poet’s sensitivity to the human nature is profound. His understanding of global issues and the dexterity with which he tells his story is noteworthy, The Other Side of Other Rooms is like holding a torch to the rooms in our heart and lives. Rob McGrimes Professor of Literary Studies, Miami, USA. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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