the path through your 20's
By David Okongor

About this book

The path to transformation is a hero's journey, filled with obstacles, doubts, failure and sometimes, sleepless nights. There is a gap between who you are now and who you want to be. That chasm is what we call the Limbo phase. Imagine going on a sailing trip without a compass, in a fog covered ocean, with turbulence and strong winds. On this trip, you also do not know your destination nor do you know why you are even on the ship to begin with. This is what the Limbo phase feels like. Now imagine how much faster, easier and more meaningful your journey would be if you had a compass and a clear line of sight to an island that has all you could dream of. Are you tired of thinking about how to get your life together ? Do you wish you knew the direction to take with your life? Do you want to discover your purpose? Do you want to create a lasting legacy? If your answer is Yes, Congratulations! You have just found the door that leads to the path you seek. In this practical, no "inspire- to-acquire-your-desire" guide. David O. Atsuma, a Certified Life Coach and Massage therapist will share with you his experience in overcoming the limbo phase. You will be challenged, you will be inspired, you will be motivated and most importantly you will a get practical guide on how to discover yourself and your purpose. Go ahead, click the purchase button, read the book, practice what you've learnt and watch your life fall into place. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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