the pilate guilt
By Favour Eyoma

About this book

In a moment of carnal weakness, Samuel Ezekwe destroys a historic opportunity to change his life and cannot come to terms with the reality of that loss. He transfers all his disappointment on his wife and hope for redemption, on his daughter, Adaku. When she falls prey to youthful lusts and gets pregnant outside wedlock for a boy who refuses to take responsibility for it, Samuel sets new limits in paternal cruelty. Hiding behind the pretext of a long discredited and vile custom, Samuel denounces his daughter. This act became for him an avenue and opportunity to unleash the demons he kept bottled up in the pits of his personal hell. Ostracized and destitute, Adaku is plunged to the depth of despair where death is preferable to life. It is at this point that life throws her the semblance of a second chance. Although marriage to a vile-tempered invalid is not anything to sing about, Adaku seizes the lifeline and is determined to make the most of it. Fate smiles at her when Nnamdi, her childhood friend reconnects with her and rekindles the fire of a long-lost hope of romance. But then, she is visited by a second calamity when she falls pregnant again, this time though in wedlock, but by Nnamdi. This is quickly compounded by an inexplicable downturn in her husband’s health and death; for which she must take the blame on account of her adultery. Will Adaku survive the shame and stigma of being tagged an adulteress? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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