the power of encouragement
By Benjamin O Beckley

About this book

Where encouragement is missing, discouragement can cheaply endanger advancement. In the pursuit of progress in life, encouragement is a catalyst for advancement. Encouragement empowers destiny not to give up but rather to push higher. Encouragement is a spirit lifter and energy booster, and the presence, as well as the absence of it, surely makes a great difference. This book will charge and challenge you to embrace encouragement and also live as an encourager. One dose of encouragement can stir up motivation and awaken weakened potentials. Discover in this book Twelve (12) things about discouragement, the need for encouragement and how the power of encouragement positions for results and boosts productivity in life. This book is a highly inspirational and revelational masterpiece designed to empower you for maximum impact through the power of encouragement. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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