the pragmatics of real change
By Adejuwon Jude Feranmi

About this book

Have you ever despite your belief in Nigeria asked yourself HOW will Nigeria change for better? Are you stuck in between believing and hoping for this country and confused as to HOW it will happen? The Pragmatics of Real CHANGE is a book that attempts to provide an answer to the HOW in practical terms. We are easily lost in the euphoria of the ideal Nigeria such that after so much talking and discussions, nothing gets done. The Pragmatics of Real Change gives you two things (i) a break down of simple yet powerful steps that you can take in helping to change our nation and (ii) the opportunity to do something about Nigeria before you even open a page to read - 50% of all sales will go into funding young, competent, compassionate people for elections starting in 2019. Nigeria can really change. Pick this book and learn what you need to do to join those already making this #RealCHANGE happen. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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