the procession of holiness
By David Emechete

About this book

God conceived a plan before the foundation of the world. And that plan is that Christ will descend and ascend that he might fill all things with himself (Eph 4:10). Only God is truly holy, and God through Christ desire to fill all things with Himself. The procession of holiness is Christ filling all things. First he reconciles everything that he touches back to the Father and then he fills it with himself. The Ecclesia is specially chosen for this mission of reconciliation and the filling of all things with Christ, for she is the body of Christ. But there is a battle out there as darkness is growing and evil is busy filling all things. This means that there will be a massive clash between holiness and evil, and the Ecclesia must master holiness enough to be able to be able to wrestle down evil and cause holiness to spread like wild fire. This book teaches the process by which Christ fills the Christian with himself, how the Christian can become yielding, how this holiness spreads from the individual Christian and then fill the Ecclesia, spreading into the environment of the Ecclesia, conquering the surrounding evil and bringing Christ to dominance. Yes, a mighty revival is coming, do not think that everything will only grow darker. A revival of the waves of holiness, crushing upon us all, and overtaking us. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit is saying. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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