the psychology of making money

About this book

Once you get it at the mind level, the rest they say is HISTORY. For me it was when I visited my uncle in our country's capital Abuja, Nigeria. That was where the shift occurred for me. I grew up in a relatively poor environment, with technically no mentor or rich people to inspire us. It was the same poor folks we see on a daily basis, poor buildings, poor cars, poor kids with poor mentality. Since I haven't left my environment for a long time while growing up, I didn't know we were poor, I couldn't compare my life with anything else apart from the environment I found myself in. The PSYCHOLOGY OF MAKING MONEY is shredded by principles, laws, concepts, ideologies, that has helped me and my family to escape that kind of life forever. My life changed when I had the opportunity to visit my uncle in Abuja, Nigeria. That was when it clicked to me that I was actually poor. Funny right? It was as bad as that. I made a DECISION after returning back to my home that I will pursue that kind of life i saw at my uncle's house, i made up my mind that I would be rich and successful. The PSYCHOLOGY OF MAKING MONEY will give you a mind shift towards following your own destined path in life. Am so confident in the amount of value this book tends to offer you and anyone you decide to share it with. THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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