the religion
By Frank Anozie

About this book

The path of vengeance sometimes takes a strange course in the affairs of men. Daniel is finally determined to revenge on the notorious Barrister Benson whose actions had left Daniel miserable for two years. But the sudden appearance of a frantic female amnesiac changes everything and leaves him at the mercy of the a deadly religious group. Priest is bent on getting Adanna, his supposed earthly designated enemy. He must find her within three days and destroy her. But he needs a good plan to be successful in this quest. The best thing is to set Daniel up and infuriate the most notorious family in Owerri. Daniel and Adanna find each other in the middle of a well planned conspiracy. How will they clear their names and avoid the wrath of the Omenkas while revealing the brutal actions of the underground religious group called "The Religion"? Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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