the right thinking mind
By Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe

About this book

*The Right Thinking Mind* teaches us that every great achievement begins from imagination. You are the product of your thought; and so what are you thinking in your mind? When you have the right mind, you will be having the right thought, but when you have the wrong mind, all your thoughts will be wrong. Success has no mathematical formula or scientific approach. It is not the product of wishes neither does it responds to it. Ever since you have been wishing for something, has it materialized? We are living in a noisy world, but the only thing that will make people to hear your voice is to do great things nobody has ever done in the history of life. Talking loudly will not make the world to listen to you, but doing greater things. Having the right thinking mind is the beginning of success and the sure way to greatness. Innovation starts from an idea and when you convert it to invention, it leads to greatness. Mind the type of people you share your vision with because everybody is not right for every idea. In this book, *The Right Thinking Mind,* you will understand that when you present the right idea to the right people, it brings good result. But until you have the right thinking mind, you will not be thinking right. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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