the road less travelled
By Anita Benson

About this book

This is a raw, unedited account of one woman’s journey- the doctor who became the patient. It tells the story many women are afraid to share. It does not end with the author having a baby but the author having a different type of happily ever after, realistically learning to live through the wait and thrive while at it. This book is not just for the couples waiting for a baby who often feel overwhelmed by the wait, procedures, and unexpressed emotions but for their friends, family and colleagues who unintentionally make the wait harder through their words and actions. It is a faith-based book that offers encouraging words and daily activities based on scriptures. It also offers medical guidance for couples in waiting who are often overwhelmed by the internet and unsure about terminology or next steps. It tackles the emotion behind assisted reproduction and explores the way men and women grieve differently during the emotional pitfalls associated with this journey. It also uncovers the general perception society has towards couples trying to conceive. This book is penned like a memoir, an intimate story a woman would share with her closest friends and confidantes. The author is best qualified to write this because she has been waiting to conceive for 9 years and has been a practicing physician for over a decade. She bridges the gap between patient and physician with real life examples and fact-based recommendations. It exudes honest emotion but beyond that, it is a book of hope, a book that defies the norm and creates an opportunity for growth amid an often-crippling wait. It is a book that will encourage the reader to ask herself how she can thrive and in what way she can enjoy her life to the fullest instead of making the wait the focus of her existence. It is a book that encourages a bit more kindness towards couples who desire children but are unable to have them, however long the wait is. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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