the sassi chics' journals
By Yvonne Awosanya-Adefajo

About this book

Welcome to the world of the Sassis! Meet Femi and Nkem Sassi: Femi Sassi: 65 year old, retired civil servant, owns a fish farm. Nkem Sassi: 59 year old, Managing Executive, still working. Now, meet their five daughters: Kay-Grace Sassi: 32, medical doctor, loves her job, immerses herself in work, hates to make friends. Joy-Kemi Sassi: 25, works in a reputable bank, but due to the national crises, risks losing her job, academician, has a love for degrees, and learning. Precious Sassi: 19, ‘baby of the house’. Undergraduate student of English. Makes the lives of all the Sassi’s miserable when she’s on holiday with her loud blaring music and insatiable appetite for junk food. Dolly-Dee Sassi: 29, Highly undercover job in the Armed Forces, hates to cook, loves to argue, has a temper. Hope Sassi: 22 year old loves to cook, but is constantly on a diet. Known to come up with ‘crazy schemes’, currently an undergraduate in Ghana. Journey with the Sassy Chics through their journals; experience their joys, and their disappointments, and their survival living with their parents, and each other, before they march to the altar! Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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