the seduction of the nigerian church
By Gary S. Maxey, Peter Ozodo

About this book

This book is a daring and no-holds-barred description of the false teachings and dangerous trends that have sent much of the Nigerian Church off course over the past four decades. Gary Maxey is joined by Peter Ozodo in describing four major threats to Christian orthodoxy that are threatening the orthodoxy of Nigerian Christianity. The first is the unbalanced Prosperity Gospel that is shown to be an import from the scripturally unbalanced American Word of Faith movement. The second is the revival of African Traditional Religion within the Church. The third threat is a subtle redefining of Christian spirituality, moving away from sound foundations in biblical morality. The fourth threat is the contemporary Hyper Grace movement, found in the teachings of Singapore’s Joseph Prince and a host of American imitators. All four of these threats have become deeply entrenched in various sectors of the Nigerian Church. With a powerful Introduction by Gbile Akanni, this book is a must-read by every Nigerian pastor, as well as discerning lay people. Maxey and Ozodo not only point out the problems but they point to clear solutions. Their conviction is that before we can expect a national spiritual revival in Nigeria we must first see a clear reformation in which these and other errors are clearly dealt with. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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