the shallow grave
By Alexander Nnaemeka

About this book

THE SHALLOW GRAVE is a mysterious and suspense-filled tale about a courageous woman named Ego in the pre-colonial Igbo community of Umudibia and how she went from grass to grace and the battle in-between. It began with Nnanna winning an almost impossible wrestling match to emerge as the new champion of Umudibia. While celebrating his victory, he saw Ego, a beautiful maiden with a joyous personality and a heart of gold. Born as the only child into a poor family with an alcoholic and abusive father; she was destined to be the wealthiest woman in the whole of Umudibia. They fell in love and not long after became husband and wife. Their marriage was a beautiful one, filled with joy and laughter, lacking nothing apart from a child as Ego was barren. Ego’s life took a drastic turn on the morning of their fifth marriage anniversary when Nnanna went hunting for the biggest antelope in the evil forest to celebrate their love and never returned. Ego ventured into the evil forest and there she met a cute wounded dog and an eerie old lady. In a matter of seconds, things went into a magical and mysterious spinning ball for her. She must contend with unusual forces and trade strange waters while trying to uncover the plans the gods have salted away for her, but we all know you can never really understand the gods and nothing good comes easy… Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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