the shepherd's seed
By Celestina Nwasor

About this book

The Shepherd's Seed is a Christian Fiction, which tells the story of a young doctor and the son of a Pastor who became an apostate at a young age, because he thought He had reasons to believe God had failed him. He was soon to understand that God isn't man, who can easily be figured out. When the chips were down, on whose wings did he fly; The occult who he practically lived his life for, His family who he often dissociated himself from, or the God who He despised but who had been there for him, all along? It is the story of a lost sheep. The story of a minister who had to deal with raising a rebellious son. The story of a battle between light and darkness. The story of a family who believe in miracles. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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