the tear in the veil(# campus challenge)

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NAME: GLORY IZE ISAIAH LEVEL: 200L DEPT: LAW SCH: UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, ENUGU CAMPUS WORD COUNT: 4,175 Synopsis In a quick beginning glance, this short story could easily pass for another horror movie. Interesting, this short story is a prosaic narration of romance, betrayal and darkness. The darkness that Ada (Laurel) finds herself plunged into when she is raped by not just one but five men during her university days. Ada is devastated, broken and driven to near insanity as she constantly have dreams and hallucinating illusions that the babies she had aborted were chasing after her. A knight in shining amour comes to her rescue and stays by her side. They get married and they are blessed with two children. And with his love she is brought to see love as something she could hold on to. But, that is not all, as she meets a charming guy at the park, the veil reveals a tear that takes her back to her past. Their meeting turns out not to be the coincidence she had thought it was. The knight transforms into a vital element in her past. This short story is a revealing interaction between the present, the past and the future where Ada’s home is torn apart, her heart is broken and her love is taken but an important element would manage through the tear and pick the broken pieces of her life. Noticed an error in this book? Send a mail to to report it

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